1. What are the system requirements for using Pivot?
 2. Can I run Pivot on a Mac or under Linux, etc?
 3. Can my school use Pivot without the developer's permission and is it free?
 4. Is Pivot safe for my computer?
 5. What file formats does Pivot support?
 6. How can I add sounds or music to an animation?
 7. How can I upload a Pivot animation to YouTube?
 8. Why does my animation lose quality when I save as an animated Gif?
 9. How can I add text to a Pivot animation?
 10. How can I change the speed that an animation plays?
 11. How can I make the animation smoother?
 12. How can I change the background of my animation?
 13. How can I improve at using Pivot?
 14. Can a stick figure have multiple colours?
 15. Where can I get more stick figures?
 16. Is Pivot available in other languages?
 17. Are there any Pivot forums?
 18. How was Pivot created and why?
 19. Will there be future versions of Pivot with more features?
 20. Why are there offers for other software in the installer?