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Pivot - Simply Animate.

is a simple software to create animations. Based on stickfigures, the software gives you the possibility to create an animation by moving the joints and nodes of the figures.There is no need to redraw your figures in each frames. The figure creator gives you the possibility to create any types of figures you want.

Pivot v4.2.1 beta is now available for download

The new beta version is now available from the Download page. New features include the ones shown in the video below. Please report any bugs to .

Pivot v4.2 New Features

The next version of Pivot is due for release around the end of December 2014. The most significant new features are shown in this video.

Dark Demon Collaboration 12

The Dark Demon Collaboration #12 has finally been released. Over 15 minutes of high quality animation from some of the best Pivot animators in the world.

Pivot 4.1.10 release

This is the first non-beta version of Pivot 4. It will replace Pivot 2 as the new stable version of Pivot Animator. This version is portable, which means you can put it on a flash drive and run it on any computer.
There are several bug fixes and improvements since 4.1.9, including:
- Help menu links to online help files
- Your Piv and Stk file folder stored for faster navigation next time you use Pivot
- Improved Spanish Latin language translation
- Croatian language added

Winners of PivotDay Competition

Out of the 23 entries I chose 9 winners. These are as follows.

2013 03 03 - Sterilization4 (Princess Luna)
City Parkour 1 (Raymond)
Generic Base Fight2 (Jojishi)
girly fight8 (Arch)
PIVOT COMP (CharizardIV)
PivotDayCompetition (PI64)
stretchy (Statham)
Taizen entry (C13Taizen)
Tsuna_vs_Xanxus (Seyid)

T-Shirts Poll

Please go to the facebook page to vote on your favorite T-Shirt design. Here:
The most popular design will be the prize for the Pivot 4 competition - deadline 1st April.Click here for more info.

Pivot 4.1.6 beta

Pivot 4.1.6 beta is now available for download. Uninstall your current version before installing.
- Several bug fixes
- Preview STK files when opening
- Dutch and Portuguese Brazilian languages

Pivot 4.1.5 Beta

The new features include:
- Bug fixes
- Asterix in min window when the project is not saved -like in notepad++-
- Canvas refresh rate when moving figures, should help with the lag
- Changed cursor in Figure builder (thin cross)
- New language: Finnish

Pivot Animator 4.1.4 Beta (Updated version)

New features include:
- Improved general look of the interface
- Option for handle sizes
- Czech and Norwegian languages added (English, French, Spanish, Chinese, Russian were already included)
- Various bug fixes.
Help file still available.
We are looking into the installer issues please be patient if you have problem installing.


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