Pivot v4.2 New Features
The next version of Pivot is due for release around the end of December 2014. These are the most significant new features.

Dark Demon Collaboration 12
Over 15 minutes of high quality animation from some of the best Pivot animators in the world.

Pivot 4 Collaboration
A competition was held to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Pivot animator and the release of Pivot v4. Nine winners were chosen. All animations were created using Pivot v4.

Pivot Animation 5 Collaboration
A great collaboration by the animators at www.pivotanimation.org.

Pivot Animator v4 Beta Advert
Many thanks to Jadon Barnes for creating this video
The installer can be downloaded from here http://pivotanimator.net/Download
You can also view or download the first draft of the Pivot 4 help file. http://pivotanimator.net/Pivot_Animator_Help_4-1.pdf
Read the ReadMe.txt file in the program to see a list of new features and bug fixes. As this is a beta version, there may still be bugs that will be fixed in future versions.

Pivot 4 demo: Joining sprites
The animation was created starting with a photo (of me). I cut out the body parts using the Gimp 'free selection' tool and pasted them into ms paint. I then loaded the body parts into Pivot as sprites. The handles were then repositioned so that they body parts pivot in the right place. This was done by adding new lines to create new handles and using the origin tool to set the origin at one of the new handles. The old handles were disabled using the static tool. The sprites were then joined to create a fully moveable figure of me.

Pivot 4 - Figure Builder
Some features of the figure builder in the upcoming Pivot v4.
- Using Alt / Ctrl dragging
- Changing the circle fill between white, solid and clear
- Using the Ctrl key to more quickly change the segment thickness
- Deleting a single segment or a whole branch
- Splitting a segment into two
- Changing the position of the orange handle

Pivot 4 - Multi-Selection
This video demonstrates multi-selection in the upcoming Pivot 4.
- Moving multiple figures
- Rotating and scaling multiple figures
- Camera movement (pan, zoom, rotate) using muli-select
- The end shows the new figure selector

Pivot 4 - Joining figures and using Alt/Ctrl dragging
This video demonstrates some features of Pivot 4.
- Three body part figures are joined together to form a stickman with different colours.
- The Alt key is used while dragging to rotate and scale the stickman.
- The Ctrl key is used while dragging to change the length of the arm.
- Frames are created showing multiple 'onion skins'.

Pivot animations by the Pivot creator
These are almost all the Pivot animations I've ever made. I'm not the greatest animator. These animations were mainly made to test Pivot as I was developing it. I have arranged them in chronological order to show the progression of Pivot from version 1 to 3.