1.3.3. STK Files

STK (Stick figure) files are the native Pivot file format for figure types. They can be stored on your computer to be used in animations or shared with others over the internet.
    An STK file can be created by clicking Save As in the File menu of the figure builder. After making changes to an STK file in the figure builder, the file can be overwritten by clicking 'Save' or by using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+S.
    An STK file can be opened directly into the animation editing area in the main Pivot window by clicking 'Load Figure Type' in the File menu.
A preview of the figure will be shown in the Open File window when an STK file is selected. Clicking the magnifying glass icon above the preview will open the preview in a separate resizable window. This window includes the version of Pivot that the STK file was made with.
Open STK file window, showing preview