1.3.8. Alignment to Neighbouring Frames

When positioning figures it is often important to keep a particular handle in position relative to the previous or next frame. This is most useful when positioning the foot of a walking or running person to prevent the foot appearing to slip on the ground. To align a handle accurately you could zoom in to position the handle accurately relative to the onion skin, however this takes time and is not perfectly accurate.
  The quick and easy solution is to place the cursor over the handle you want to position and press the L key (Locate). This will move the whole figure so that the handle is positioned in the same place as in the previous frame. Shift+L can be used to locate the handle based on the next frame if editing a frame in the middle of the animation sequence. This only works if a figure with the matching ID is present in the previous / next frame. If a joined figure is positioned in this way then the whole joined group will move to align the handle. If multiple figures are selected, then they will all be offset by the same amount. The same trick can be used to align the virtual camera to the previous or next frame.
+   Handle alignment can be combined with the R key to move only the handle under the cursor to the previous or next frame. Hold down the R key first and then press the L key. This may change the length of the segments joined to the handle under the cursor.