Winners of PivotDay Competition

Out of the 23 entries I chose 9 winners. These are as follows.

2013 03 03 - Sterilization4 (Princess Luna)
City Parkour 1 (Raymond)
Generic Base Fight2 (Jojishi)
girly fight8 (Arch)
PIVOT COMP (CharizardIV)
PivotDayCompetition (PI64)
stretchy (Statham)
Taizen entry (C13Taizen)
Tsuna_vs_Xanxus (Seyid)

Well done to those entries. I will be sending you an email soon so that I can send you your T-shirt.
There were several other animations that were of high quality that I unfortunately had to cut. Feel free to share your animations yourself.
I will now work on editing the video together. Hopefully this won't take too long.

Edit: You can now view the finished video on the video page.